Monday, November 25, 2013

How Grief Turned Me Orange

As I soak in epsom salt and lavender in my bathtub and feel the warm water blanket me with love, I stare at the navy blue wallpaper with white and salmon-colored butterflies, which has been on these bathroom walls for at least 35 years. I remember when Mom picked out the wallpaper. I've loved this wallpaper for a long time. When my son and I moved into my childhood home three years ago, I brought the navy blue-with-suns-and-moons shower curtain, along with a small box and bowl that I'd painted a long time ago, navy blue with spirals. It all goes together so well.

Except now, I'm feeling orange. Bright orange! The navy blue feels like the old me. Orange feels like the new me. Which is funny, because I went through many years where I despised the color orange. And yellow. Perhaps because for a good 20 years, all four walls of my childhood bedroom were covered with bright orange and yellow butterflies! I think I OD'd on those orange and yellow butterflies.

I found myself liking the color orange again this past spring. I did a lot of work on balancing my chakras, so maybe that had something to do with it. :-) According to "My Holistic Healing" website  the orange, or sacral, chakra, corresponds to 
  • Equality - the balance of independence and dependence
  • The power of choice
  • Creativity
  • Intimate connection with others & sense of unity
  • Sensuality
That's pretty much on target for me these days ...

This past summer, I honored my orange feelings by purchasing an orange bath mat, orange wash cloth, and orange placemat to cover the small table between the toilet and sink. More orange began to seep into my consciousness.

One time this summer when Kendryek (my son) and I were visiting our local Taubman Art Museum in downtown Roanoke, I went into the women's bathroom on the second floor for the first time. OH MYYYY!!!! I was bathed in orange! Orange tile, from top to bottom. Floor even. How delightful! I ran to the men's bathroom to see what color IT was ... RED! All red tile. WOW! I've never seen anything like it and was delighted with the creativity of whomever came up with the idea of swathing a bathroom in one color.

That was JUST the confirmation I needed to cover my own bathroom fully in orange!

I wish I could show you a before and after picture. But, there's no "after" picture just yet. My orange bathroom is in progress, mainly in my mind! Something like this:

Which brings me to the reason for this blog ....FLOW. The grief of losing my mom, dad, and sister in a short period of time has allowed me to learn to go with the flow. Take this upstairs bathroom for instance. When my dad was still alive, and my son and I had moved in with him during his last year, I couldn't WAIT to redo this bathroom. After he died, however, I couldn't bare the thought of moving his electric razor, electric toothbrush, etc. I needed to look at those items every day. They helped me feel connected to my dad; helped me feel loved. They brought back sweet memories of my dad and I brushing our teeth, side by side, when I was a little girl. My dad would get into a ZONE when brushing his teeth. It seemed to be a spiritual experience for him!

And so, for the past two years, I've looked at my dad's toiletry items every day. Sometimes seeing them made me feel happy; other times, I felt sadness. Grief triggered that my dad is no longer physically present. Which triggers that my mom is no longer physically present. And my sister is no longer physically present. Yes, I do connect with each of them in spirit. I feel their presence daily. I am comforted by their spiritual energy. But you know, sometimes I just miss them. And I'll cry a little bit.

A couple of months ago, it felt OKAY to move Dad's razor and electric toothbrush to the plastic container of his special items in the basement. And the ugly old, plastic, dirty white wall shelf above the toilet? Still looking at it and just about ready to replace it with a wicker shelf. And this morning, I decided I'd like to hang bamboo blinds in the window. And I'd like to find a bamboo shower curtain. Bamboo and orange ,,,, yea, that's it!

Grief allows me time to honor my feelings and look at or hold that which brings me comfort. Grief allows the delicate process of hanging on with moving forward - on my own timetable and no one else's. Grief has really brought me down some days. But it has also propelled me forward in my spiritual growth, inspiring me to surround myself with colors and things that lift me up.

I'll keep a scrap of that navy blue-with-butterflies-wallpaper that my mom and I lovingly put up on the walls. And soon, I'll buy the orange paint. And I'll wait for that perfect moment when it's time to paint. And I'll either do it myself or have Maria, an expert painter with a steady hand, do it. Or I'll have her do the edges and corners, and then I'll roll paint. Any of those combinations is OKAY, I've learned. 

Just going with the flow...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Every Day As Vacation

So my son, Kendryek, and I were in Washington, DC, over Spring Break to see the cherry blossoms and take in some museums. A friend and neighbor previously told me she planned to take her son to the Holocaust Museum to help with his history lesson. I thought that was a great idea, so I also took Kendryek to the Holocaust Museum. I've been in that museum plenty of times, having worked just 2 blocks away for 16 years. I always approached the museum and its exhibits intellectually with my friend and coworker, Mark Gielecki, whose father was a Holocaust survivor. Mark was always very upbeat and told me positive stories about his father's survival. Walking through the Holocaust museum turned into an honor to Mark's father, and it felt good to honor him.

14th Street Entrance of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.Credit: US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Once Kendryek and I got to the front door, we were greeted with a sign that said all exhibits were sold out for the day. All except, "Remember the Children: Daniel's Story," about an eleven year old boy's life before, during, and after the Holocaust. It's very well done, offering sounds, period-appropriate decor and clothes, and journal entries to heighten as many senses as possible for the viewer. Slowly walking through the first part of the exhibit, we heard children's laughter from the exhibit, parents' whispers explaining details to their children around us, exhibit knobs and buttons being pushed by viewers, gentle movement of those in front and behind us ...and then as we walked through a room resembling a cattle car, the mood became more solemn. We could hear a pin drop. The air felt stale. The exhibit was now in black and white instead of color, as it was previously. The gravity of the Holocaust, from a child's perspective, was felt.

I felt sad.

At the end of the exhibit, Kendryek and I walked into the gift shop, where Kendryek bought a Star of David necklace to wear in honor of children who had suffered. As he made his purchase, I walked into the atrium, with its high ceiling of glass panels, allowing sunlight to shine through. I looked up and had a moment of awakening. "I'm so tired of death and sadness," I thought. "So tired of grieving and depression and the energy it's taken and how my body feels." Kendryek walked over to me and stood beside me. And it was in that moment that I released a huge chunk of locked-up grief. I didn't cry; I just felt the grief energy disappear "Come on," I told Kendryek. "No more doom and gloom. From now on, we're having FUN!"

And we did! We saw an Imax movie at the Smithsonian, rode the paddle boats at the tidal basin, went to the beach and rented bikes and flew kites ... with a new lightness I hadn't experienced in a while.

On our way home from the beach, I reviewed all of the things Kendryek and I had done, and I asked him what was his favorite experience at the beach. You know what he said? "Flying a kite with you." He could feel my lightness and the symbolic activity of freedom!

And so every single morning since that Spring day, I ask myself, "How can today be like a vacation?" I make sure I have fun every day as if I'm on vacation. Many days, that looks like an epsom salt bath. Often, it looks like my silly dancing in the kitchen to my favorite music and drinking coconut milk from a margarita glass. I'll often hop in my convertible and drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, blasting my favorite tunes. Sometimes I'll play with the cats or play a board game with Kendryek. Whatever way I can consciously put some fun into my day, I do it!

Having vacation moments throughout each day helps me feel refreshed, recharged, and hopeful and curious about life. And happy! My quest now is to make ALL of every day a vacation day!

Monday, August 5, 2013

One of My Most Sensual Spiritual Experiences Ever

I've had several sensual experiences during my lifetime. This one is at the top of my list.

The first time I was introduced to the healing waters of the Jefferson Pools was when a college friend hosted a few of us ladies for a mini reunion. We had all shared the same portion of hallway my junior year. I love these ladies, even though I hadn't stayed in touch with them over the years. My friend's vacation timeshare was part of the Homestead community in Hot Springs, VA. I hadn't been to the Homestead since high school, so it was refreshing to revisit the resort while revisiting with old friends.

We each donned our white terrycloth robes and hopped the shuttle for a soak in the Jefferson Pools in neighboring Warm Springs. I had a migraine from not hydrating enough while walking that morning, so I was reluctant. My friends suggested that the healing waters might help relieve my pain. When we pulled up, I was attracted to the design of the buildings: round. I love round buildings! I was enchanted with the old, rustic, white structure of the women's bath house and really wanted to test the water. I loved the chipped paint coming off the walls, the opening in the domed roof, resembling a tee-pee, and the encouragement of silence to help maintain the tranquility of the environment.

We all got in. My migraine grew worse. I lasted about 10 minutes before I felt nauseous and thought I'd better get out. The water was 98 degrees (all year long), flowed from natural springs, and held a faint smell of sulphur. I excused myself, got out, and went to rest on a chaise in the waiting room. I fell asleep. After 20 minutes, I woke up. My migraine was completely gone. "What in the world is in this water?" I asked the attendant. I HAD to know what took away my migraine. The attendant told me that Native Americans had identified that these waters have every mineral that our bodies need. Thomas Jefferson knew what was up; he soaked in these waters three times a day as an elderly man. (I have since learned that my body had a magnesium deficiency. I now soak in epsom salt to replenish my magnesium levels when I feel a headache coming on.)

I was stunned and pleasantly surprised that my migraine vanished so quick!!

I was so pleased with the magical powers of these waters that I returned 2 weeks later by myself. I also learned that a vortex is centered at this point and magnifies the healing energy of the Jefferson Pools. As I soaked by myself, I noticed a woman enter the water, sheepishly, without clothes. Hmmm, I thought. Her body type is similar to mine, and she's daring enough to soak naked. Hmmm. Note to self: this is possible. I looked around ... the rest of us ladies wore our bathing suits, but this one woman felt comfortable in her own skin. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin too.

The third time I soaked in the Jefferson Pool, I did so while my son, Kendryek, took skiing lessons. And this time, I entered the water naked. It was exhilarating and liberating! I floated on my back and enjoyed feeling the warm water surround and support my skin and joints. I enjoyed the contrast of the warmth of the water and the coolness of the air as my face and toes peaked out of the water.I floated with my eyes closed. After awhile, I opened my eyes to change positions. I looked around the pool. Unbeknownst to me, five women had entered and were also floating in the their own little world. And they were all naked! What an amazing feeling to be part of this sisterhood of naked strangers floating in warm water. They were of all ages and all body types. How freeing!

The fourth time I visited the Jefferson Pools, Bonnie (my dear friend and marketing manager) and I were scouting the area for locations for our upcoming women's retreats. There were four or five of us women soaking in the pool. Each of us kept to ourselves, in our own cocoon of water molecules, This time, I floated on my back and didn't worry about what was exposed above water. This time was even more freeing. And this time amazing thing happened. Rain began to gently drizzle through the opening in the roof. I slowly floated into the middle of the pool to allow the rain to drizzle on my face. I LOVE rain. As a little girl, I'd sit outside on the sidewalk with an umbrella and let the rain pour down around me. Rain is my element. I named Kendryek's middle name Rayne. So you can imagine the joy I felt to be floating in 98 degree water and allowing cool rain drops to kiss my cheeks and chin. I smiled and felt I was in heaven. I looked up to see hundreds of rain drops travel from the roof's opening down to the water. Like each drop had a purpose. The sky was gray and allowed a dull light to seep through the opening. I slowed my breathing, pulled my ears under water for greater silence, and became fully immersed in the sensation of the gentle raindrops on my face, on my neck, on my breasts, on my palms, on my knees, and on my toes.

Pure bliss.

I felt the comfort and protection of mother love. And I felt the stimulation of a lover. I felt grounded. And I felt ethereal. I felt incredibly grateful. I knew Mom and Dad, who used to enjoy watching me sit out in the rain, had conspired to lend a hand in the synchronicity of the rain clouds opening up during my chosen hour of soaking. I felt grateful to have the time and resources for this experience. Grateful for my health becoming more and more magnificent. Grateful for my nerve endings having the sensitivity for these physical sensations. Grateful for my friendships. Grateful to be a woman. Grateful to God. Grateful to be alive. Grateful in my own skin.

I realized that this was, in this moment, the epitome of sensuality, and the epitome of spirituality. I look forward to many more moments like this.


You can also enjoy the healing water of the Jefferson Pools during one of our upcoming Women's Retreats (this October and May 2014). You can soak naked or while wearing a bathing suit. Whatever your comfort level is. Click here for more information:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How I Get What I Want With Vision Boards and How You Can Too

You should see my bedroom wall. I've got four poster boards, covered front and back with images from magazines and words that I've written in magic marker. Some boards are packed full; others have lots of space. How I lay out images and words depends on my mood, the theme, and where I am on my life's journey.

These poster boards are my vision boards. I first learned of the concept when I was a little girl watching my mom make a treasure map for herself and my sister. Each was a collage of magazine photographs. I remember the word "happy" being on one of the treasure maps. :-)

The idea of a treasure map or vision board is to switch your brainwaves and consciousness to a level where you believe that what you desire can possibly happen.

My son, Kendryek, and I created a vision board together in 2007. We both wanted to go on the Disney Cruise. I printed out photographs of different angles of the Disney Cruise ship, with particular focus on the Mickey Mouse hand sliding board on the top deck, Disney characters dancing on stage, our stateroom, the huge dining halls, the luxurious-looking bathroom, the Disney Hall of Fame, etc. We looked at this board every night at dinner and sang the song, "M I C K E Y ... M O U S E ... Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck!), Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck!) Forever let us hold us hold our banner high, high, HIGH!" And I'd say, "Kendryek, look at our room! And our balcony!" And he'd say, "C'mon, Mom, let's go swimming in the pool!" We acted as if we were already on the cruise having a ball. Anyone who saw us would've thought we were looney (pun intended).

Now, there was a part of me that believed that MAYBE we'd get on this cruise in 5-10 years, and another part of me that believed it could somehow miraculously happen sooner, EVEN THOUGH I had only saved up $65 towards the cruise, and Kendryek had save up $123 towards the cruise. (We needed a few thousand more for the cruise!)

Well, it did happen sooner. In the summer of 2009, as I was going through some heavy grief over the loss of my mom, I told a friend that I had to get out of town for a break. He asked where I wanted to go. I casually said the Disney Cruise would be nice. He said, "I'll take you and Kendryek." And he was serious. My friend treated us to every aspect of our Disney Cruise vacation, including airfare, time in Cape Canaveral before, time at Sea World after ... and I am forever thankful to him and God for that.

Now you may think, I don't have a friend with that kind of money and generosity. It doesn't matter. When you truly believe and put all of your heart into your desire, it will happen. As your brainwaves and consciousness change, Providence Moves too!. The Universe orchestrates people, time, opportunities in your favor. I have many other examples of how it has happened for me.

You can hear my examples and find out how to create your own vision board at our monthly Vision Board Playshops. Keeping with this month's theme of GET JAZZED ABOUT YOUR LIFE, our playshop is called

Vision-boarding: Get Into the Rhyhtm of Your Dream Life
$45 includes light organic snack
April 27th, from 1:30 - 4:00pm

I will guide you with creating your own vision board and taking steps towards manifesting the life that you desire, whether it's wanting an island vacation, wanting to change careers, wanting to improve your health, wanting a better relationship with family members or a significant other ... anything you want can be yours! I'll help take the steps to manifesting what you desire.

Once you become immersed in this vision board activity, you're on your way to matching the frequency of your life to the images and words that you choose.


Click on the drop down menu below to register:

April Playshops

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Heaviness Behind Weight

I've never been skinny. I've been fit and strong, but never skinny. I've covered a range of sizes and weights in my adult life. The smallest I've been as an adult is a size 6. The largest is a size 16, which is what I wear right now. I feel puffy and bloated, my ankles hurt when I get up from the bed in the morning, and I wobble like a penguin (not to be confused with doing the Wobble Line Dance!).

I know what's behind the 25 pounds that I've put on over the last couple of years: grief over family loss. First my mom passed away, which sent me into a downward emotional spiral. Then I found my sister two days after she had passed away, and two months later, my dad died unexpectedly in car wreck.

After losing my family members, I became an emotional wreck, and my body reflected that.With many days of depression, my thyroid became weak, my pulse rate became too slow, my metabolism slowed down, and my joints got used to not moving much and ached when I did move.

Exercise? Ha!

Says the woman who once rode her bike 350 miles over 4 days for the AIDSRide; walked 20 miles a day for 3 days for the Breast Cancer Walk; and coached women in weightlifting at a boot camp. I used to pride myself on physical endurance.

These past couple of years, I wouldn't have gotten out of bed if it weren't for my son and taking responsibility for feeding him and getting him to school on time. Thank God for that!

That's just my recent story of health and weight. I've always been challenged with health and weight, though. I remember, as a little girl, watching my mom and sister try diet after diet, seeking to improve their weight and body image. I absorbed that into my own consciousness and played it out to varying degrees. Many factors contribute to the heaviness behind my weight.

I've sought help from many and various healers and therapies over the years, including talk therapy, energy healing, bodywork, and psychic readings. All from wonderful healers, and all therapies have helped tremendously. I continue a combination of these therapies week after week, and I feel better and better all the time!

Today, my consciousness is being drawn to hypnosis with Mary Ann Walker to help me lose weight and feel optimum health. My understanding of hypnosis is that it gets down to the core of issues and helps change beliefs and behavioral patterns.

I don't look for any one of the therapies that I use to be the end-all cure; I use them in tandem, combining them as I feel drawn to them. I expect the hypnosis to work for me as I continue to walk around the track at PH, continue to increase my consumption of juiced greens, continue to journal, continue talk therapy, continue to line dance, and continue all the other goodies helping me along my path.

That's my story, and I know you have a story too. I encourage you to check out our services and practitioners here at Luxuria Holistic Center and see what you feel drawn to. I invite you to lighten your life with me!

Many Blessings,
Amy Jo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who Will Be My Next Boyfriend?

Anyone who's known me for awhile knows that I've had a couple of boyfriends throughout my life. Okay, more than a couple. One wonderful boyfriend became my husband of 10 years. There were so many great days during our marriage, and then it was time to take a new path. I've had a few more boyfriends since, including the man who helped me create my beautiful son, Kendryek. Along with these relationships have come the heightened awareness about exactly what and whom I'm attracting into my life.

Someone reading the list of traits and pictures of my ideal boyfriend/partner that I've written on my vision board might say, "Gosh you expect a lot!" Well, yes. Yes I do.

I don't remember when I first created a vision board towards my ideal romantic partner, but I've been updating and tweaking my board ever since. Each time I've updated my vision board, I emphasize what I like about an ideal partner and relationship based on what I've recently experienced in a relationship. And each time I enter a new relationship, I get about 95% of what I ask for!

I'm not kidding! A wonderful man walks into my life, and I think, "Wow. He has the traits that are on my vision board!" And when the relationship has ended, I think, "Okay, I need to add ___________ (fill in the blank) to my board for the next relationship."

What is a vision board? A vision board is a board (poster board, canvas, construction paper, etc) on which you place images and words of the what or who you desire to manifest in your life. I have a vision board for career, health, finances, family, home, vacation, etc. You cut out images from magazines, write words in magic marker, add anything you want. The point is the process of immersing yourself in the idea of what you desire, putting feeling into it, imagining, believing, and being open to receiving.

So what's on my vision board?

Come to this Saturday's Vision Board Playshop to find out! And create your own vision board, whether you're currently in a romantic relationship and the relationship needs a lift; or you've been in a relationship for decades and want to redefine your relationship; or you are looking for someone new to complement your life.

For men and women alike!

Keeping with this month's theme of Surrounding Yourself With Love, our playshop is called

Passion Vision-boarding: Piece Together the Relationship You Desire
$42 includes light organic snack
February 23rd, from 1:30 - 4:00pm

Certified Dreambuilder Coach, Alexandria Pederson, and I will guide you with taking the steps to manifest the partner and relationship of your dreams. Once you become immersed in this vision board activity, you're on your way to matching the frequency of your life to the images and words that you choose.

All you have to do after that is receive your new relationship!

Click the "Buy Now" button below to register by Friday, February 22nd, or call 540/685-2975:

Vision Board Playshops

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Direction

So for years, since junior high school, I've been walking or jogging around the Patrick Henry High School track in Roanoke, VA. In high school, I'd jog daily at 6am. After moving away from home, when I'd come home to visit, I'd jog or walk. The track is set into the woods, and I love listening to the birds sing, feel the warmth of the sun on my face, gaze at the mountain skyline in the distance, and express gratitude for each part of my body, helping me complete another lap. And lately, I've been practicing what I preach by visualizing outstanding health while I walk: what outstanding health feels like, what outstanding health looks like, what outstanding health sounds like, etc.

I've always walked or run in the same direction. UNTIL YESTERDAY! As I approached the track, I saw a woman jogging in the OPPOSITE direction! I watched her for a moment and thought, "WHY have I never thought to do that?" And it occurred to me how easily I get into a routine. Which serves me well, and may serve you well too! But something inside me was craving a switch in routine, so I did something radical and started walking, for the first time ever, in the opposite direction, against the grain! I smiled and mentally thanked the woman for opening a new door for me to spice things up a bit!

So starting yesterday, I'm walking in a new direction...which has inspired me to choose the movie, "Groundhog Day," with Bill Murray (remember this funny movie?) for our March movie discussion and exotic tasting! "Groundhog Day" is about doing the same thing over and over and over until you make a change towards positive growth. How sometimes it takes doing the same thing over and over and over for us to realize that we're even in a rut, and that the slightest change can get us out and in a new direction.

I encourage you to also find a way, large or small, to make a change in your life towards positive growth. Even if it's to take a slightly different route on your way to work, the store, or picking up your kid from school.

And mark your calendars for Sunday, March 10th, from 2:00 - 4:30pm, at Valley Community Church to enjoy exotic organic treats while you watch clips from "Groundhog Day" and discuss some of its messages.

Don't forget this Sunday's showing of "Chocolat," including discussion and a chocolate feast! Register by Friday the 8th in the blog below.

Have a fantastic new day!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Watch "Chocolat" and Enjoy a Chocolate feast!

What better way to celebrate the love of Valentine's Day than with a

Grab a friend and come enjoy chocolate treats that are


prepared by Local Roots, S&W Cafe, and Luxuria's own Holistic Health Coach, Karen Scott.

A sampling of our exotic menu:
` Chocolate goat cheese log
` Dried apricots dipped in chocolate
` and more!

Watch clips of the movie, "Chocolat," and join in the discussion about the movie's messages of celebrating differences, self-approval, forgiveness of self and others, and enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Be good to yourself! 

Sunday, February 10th
Valley Community Church (behind Oak Grove Plaza on 419). 
$20 per person; $35 per couple.

Reserve your seat in advance by February 8th by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. 

Chocolate Feast for 1

Chocolate Feast for 2 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surround Yourself with LOVE

The month of February is always filled with the talk of love, acknowledging the ones you love, and celebrating those relationships. But an even more important love is self love, not the selfish kind, but the kind that serves to honor the beautiful inner and outer soul which make us whole beings. That process of loving oneself, accepting that there is much to be grateful for within, is key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

This month at Luxuria Holistic Center, we are honoring the feeling of LOVE. Our "Playshops" and events have been designed for individuals, couples and families who want to experience love in new ways. Our practitioners who are leading each event are focused on sharing their knowledge and passion for the topic of LOVE. It is our desire to take this special time of celebration to delve into the concept of LOVE, the experience of LOVE, the diverse feelings of LOVE and the idea of LOVE, and how it can change our world.

Visit our Playshops page for all the details. If you would like to give the gift of love, consider a gift certificate (available on the right of this page) or customized package. Call for more details, 540.685.2975 or email We want to know what your love experience is so share with us on our Facebook Page or on Twitter @feelluxurious.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Take the steps toward 2013 success

This week is the first full week of 2013. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished! The day is open to all the possibilities the world can provide. But, if there are emotions stopping forward progress, inner mind chatter that puts obstacles in the path to success, there is an answer.

I, too, had to overcome some serious obstacles to get to where I am today, as a mom, a business owner, and a professional in my field. It wasn't the easiest to road to walk, feeling alone most of the time, and wanting it to be simple. There are still some days it is difficult, facing challenges as a single parent, trying to make the right choices for my son. There are many days it is difficult as a business owner, juggling schedules, making decisions about people and finances, and facing the results of those decisions.

What has made life much easier is to get clear on what blocks I put up for myself and stop the limiting beliefs from my past. It has made all the difference in my progress. Taking these steps lightens my load, and has allowed me to move past the negative memories and emotions, into a more positive space. It is what allowed me to think past a vision for being a holistic practitioner, into the vision for having a holistic center where more people can benefit from luxurious health!

In 2012, I began to provide Bio-Turn Therapy to clients who wanted to take a new approach to their lives. This Friday evening, I'll be hosting the first Playshop at Luxuria Holistic Center that introduces the benefits of looking at life through a fresh lens. Consider joining me on this journey, going from where you are today, into the life of your dreams!

  • Clear Blocks and Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Loving Your Life!
    • When: Friday, Jan. 11, 7-8:30pm
    • Who: Instructor, Amy Jo Wheeler
    • Cost: $25, register by Jan. 8
There is no better time. When you get to December 31, 2013, will you have accomplished what you desired this year? Will you look back and marvel at your level of happiness, success, loving relationships and true prosperity? You can, and you will, when you take the next step...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January invites new beginnings

The new year opens so many doors to explore. It provides a fresh start for choosing a new path, having a new attitude, taking a new approach to mind, body and spiritual issues. At Luxuria, we're exploring all the new possibilities the new year provides. We're inviting you to join us on the path with our classes or "Playshops", nutritional counseling sessions, Reiki and Reflexology treatments, Bio-Turn Therapy and massage therapy, all available in our peaceful and luxurious setting. It is not a coincidence that we are connected. It is for the greater good.

In 2013, we are experiencing a new consciousness. After passing through the "Shift" in December, 2012, many people are feeling physically and spiritually that we are in a new time of connectedness. Are you feeling it, too? Becoming aware of energy, patterns and disruptions, can be comforting and sometimes disconcerting. Are you more conscious of your personal energy and the energy of those around you? Do you feel the struggle of energy when faced with difficult situations or people?

Carrying old patterns and energy flows can feel heavy and even bring on mental depression and physical pain. Releasing the negative emotions associated with the old patterns or triggers can provide relief and allow positive energy to flow again. At Luxuria, Bio-Turn Therapy sessions are available to anyone wanting to explore the release and relief associated with negative emotions and old patterns of behavior. People who have experienced Bio-Turn Therapy have felt a definite change in their physical and mental states, allowing new beginnings in a positive way.

I created Luxuria Holistic Center in 2012 to provide a beautiful, inviting space for practitioners to share their gifts and people to experience luxurious health and well being. My vision for the people and the space continues to grow in 2013. If you have questions, or desire to learn more, please send us an email or call 540.685.2975.