Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January invites new beginnings

The new year opens so many doors to explore. It provides a fresh start for choosing a new path, having a new attitude, taking a new approach to mind, body and spiritual issues. At Luxuria, we're exploring all the new possibilities the new year provides. We're inviting you to join us on the path with our classes or "Playshops", nutritional counseling sessions, Reiki and Reflexology treatments, Bio-Turn Therapy and massage therapy, all available in our peaceful and luxurious setting. It is not a coincidence that we are connected. It is for the greater good.

In 2013, we are experiencing a new consciousness. After passing through the "Shift" in December, 2012, many people are feeling physically and spiritually that we are in a new time of connectedness. Are you feeling it, too? Becoming aware of energy, patterns and disruptions, can be comforting and sometimes disconcerting. Are you more conscious of your personal energy and the energy of those around you? Do you feel the struggle of energy when faced with difficult situations or people?

Carrying old patterns and energy flows can feel heavy and even bring on mental depression and physical pain. Releasing the negative emotions associated with the old patterns or triggers can provide relief and allow positive energy to flow again. At Luxuria, Bio-Turn Therapy sessions are available to anyone wanting to explore the release and relief associated with negative emotions and old patterns of behavior. People who have experienced Bio-Turn Therapy have felt a definite change in their physical and mental states, allowing new beginnings in a positive way.

I created Luxuria Holistic Center in 2012 to provide a beautiful, inviting space for practitioners to share their gifts and people to experience luxurious health and well being. My vision for the people and the space continues to grow in 2013. If you have questions, or desire to learn more, please send us an email luxuriouspampering@gmail.com or call 540.685.2975.

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  1. Enjoyed your class on stress release back in November. I hope you will have a class on creating a Vision Board. I have quite a few magazines I can donate..