Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Playshops Create Possibilities

One of my favorite movies of all time is Queen Latifah's Last Holiday. It's the story of an ordinary woman (hardly) in an ordinary job who has done it all exactly as she thought she was supposed to. She had been a good employee. She had saved her money. And as fate would have it, none of that mattered. She was diagnosed with a terminal disease! What she did right, even in the face of death, was be bold enough to go for her dreams. She had secretly compiled her "Book of Possibilities" and took her money out of the bank and lived her desires out to the fullest. 

This movie is such a joy to watch! The places she travels, the people, the food, the adventures bass jumping and snowboarding, the spa treatments and the couture shopping, all done with passion and vision. Just in case you haven't had the pleasure to see the film, I won't spoil the ending (including her love interest, LL Cool J) but it is beautiful! One reviewer shared "We may know exactly where we're going, but the journey is so much fun!" Everything you can dream, you can have... and this is where this month's Playshops began.

Luxuria Holistic Center has become a gathering place. Since our Grand Opening in October, several small groups have met for classes and socials. During December, we're taking things up a few notches by hosting themed Playshops. Each is designed to help participants explore a new vision for their lives. Our instructors will provide the conversation starters and participants will be encouraged to take the path where they feel led.

Visit our Classes page for dates and times. Get registered and visit us soon! We look forward to seeing your feedback on Facebook and Twitter!