Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surround Yourself with LOVE

The month of February is always filled with the talk of love, acknowledging the ones you love, and celebrating those relationships. But an even more important love is self love, not the selfish kind, but the kind that serves to honor the beautiful inner and outer soul which make us whole beings. That process of loving oneself, accepting that there is much to be grateful for within, is key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

This month at Luxuria Holistic Center, we are honoring the feeling of LOVE. Our "Playshops" and events have been designed for individuals, couples and families who want to experience love in new ways. Our practitioners who are leading each event are focused on sharing their knowledge and passion for the topic of LOVE. It is our desire to take this special time of celebration to delve into the concept of LOVE, the experience of LOVE, the diverse feelings of LOVE and the idea of LOVE, and how it can change our world.

Visit our Playshops page for all the details. If you would like to give the gift of love, consider a gift certificate (available on the right of this page) or customized package. Call for more details, 540.685.2975 or email We want to know what your love experience is so share with us on our Facebook Page or on Twitter @feelluxurious.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Take the steps toward 2013 success

This week is the first full week of 2013. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished! The day is open to all the possibilities the world can provide. But, if there are emotions stopping forward progress, inner mind chatter that puts obstacles in the path to success, there is an answer.

I, too, had to overcome some serious obstacles to get to where I am today, as a mom, a business owner, and a professional in my field. It wasn't the easiest to road to walk, feeling alone most of the time, and wanting it to be simple. There are still some days it is difficult, facing challenges as a single parent, trying to make the right choices for my son. There are many days it is difficult as a business owner, juggling schedules, making decisions about people and finances, and facing the results of those decisions.

What has made life much easier is to get clear on what blocks I put up for myself and stop the limiting beliefs from my past. It has made all the difference in my progress. Taking these steps lightens my load, and has allowed me to move past the negative memories and emotions, into a more positive space. It is what allowed me to think past a vision for being a holistic practitioner, into the vision for having a holistic center where more people can benefit from luxurious health!

In 2012, I began to provide Bio-Turn Therapy to clients who wanted to take a new approach to their lives. This Friday evening, I'll be hosting the first Playshop at Luxuria Holistic Center that introduces the benefits of looking at life through a fresh lens. Consider joining me on this journey, going from where you are today, into the life of your dreams!

  • Clear Blocks and Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Loving Your Life!
    • When: Friday, Jan. 11, 7-8:30pm
    • Who: Instructor, Amy Jo Wheeler
    • Cost: $25, register by Jan. 8
There is no better time. When you get to December 31, 2013, will you have accomplished what you desired this year? Will you look back and marvel at your level of happiness, success, loving relationships and true prosperity? You can, and you will, when you take the next step...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January invites new beginnings

The new year opens so many doors to explore. It provides a fresh start for choosing a new path, having a new attitude, taking a new approach to mind, body and spiritual issues. At Luxuria, we're exploring all the new possibilities the new year provides. We're inviting you to join us on the path with our classes or "Playshops", nutritional counseling sessions, Reiki and Reflexology treatments, Bio-Turn Therapy and massage therapy, all available in our peaceful and luxurious setting. It is not a coincidence that we are connected. It is for the greater good.

In 2013, we are experiencing a new consciousness. After passing through the "Shift" in December, 2012, many people are feeling physically and spiritually that we are in a new time of connectedness. Are you feeling it, too? Becoming aware of energy, patterns and disruptions, can be comforting and sometimes disconcerting. Are you more conscious of your personal energy and the energy of those around you? Do you feel the struggle of energy when faced with difficult situations or people?

Carrying old patterns and energy flows can feel heavy and even bring on mental depression and physical pain. Releasing the negative emotions associated with the old patterns or triggers can provide relief and allow positive energy to flow again. At Luxuria, Bio-Turn Therapy sessions are available to anyone wanting to explore the release and relief associated with negative emotions and old patterns of behavior. People who have experienced Bio-Turn Therapy have felt a definite change in their physical and mental states, allowing new beginnings in a positive way.

I created Luxuria Holistic Center in 2012 to provide a beautiful, inviting space for practitioners to share their gifts and people to experience luxurious health and well being. My vision for the people and the space continues to grow in 2013. If you have questions, or desire to learn more, please send us an email or call 540.685.2975.