How Does Reflexology Help?

In each of your feet, there are over 7,200 nerve endings, which have an interconnection with the central nervous system. These nerve endings sense pain, pressure, heat, cold, etc.

Studies have shown a direct correlation between the reduction of pain and stress with the effects of pampering reflexology. By applying gentle pressure to specific points, we induce a deep state of relaxation. As stress or pain is eased, your body and mind will rebalance. Plus, pampering will speed up your recovery!

How Many Luxurious Pampering Reflexology Sessions Are Needed?

It is customary to have one Luxurious pampering session per week for four weeks. On the fifth, seventh, and ninth weeks, you'll be pampered once each of those weeks. Thereafter, receive pampering according to your body's system progress and your desire for frequency.

How Long Is a Luxurious Pampering Reflexology Session?

The actual session lasts about 60 minutes.

What Should I Wear?

Wear something comfortable. You will remain clothed as you receive your pampering session.

What Ailments Does Reflexology Help With?

Reflexology puts your body into a deep state of relaxation to allow your body's natural healing mechanism rebalance itself.

In addition to easing symptoms from foot issues (neuropathy and plantar fasciitis), reflexology helps:
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce pain (i.e., headaches, arthritis, back pain, pain from injury, PMS, surgery recovery, and more!)
  • Produce a deeper and more restful sleep
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