Dave Arthur (Roanoke, VA) - (Dave, 70s, receives reflexology every other week continuously) "With neuropathy, I have no pain anymore. My feet don't get hot at night. The numbness has subsided...Overall, I'm 10 years younger! I'm the new 60! I have a whole lot more energy."

Eddie Barnes (Roanoke, VA) (Eddie, 70s, receives reflexology every three weeks continuously) "I was struggling to walk on the golf course. I had major neuropathy in my right foot. When I first received reflexology, I felt immediate relief. After 3 to 4 months of reflexology every other week, the pain was completely gone. I highly recommend reflexology from Amy Jo."

Amber Ramey Fleming (Roanoke, VA) - "My first Reiki experience was amazing. I had no idea what to expect but I had some major chronic health issues as well as a lot of guilt and depression. The doctors couldn't help me so I began to look in to all kinds of alternatives. I hired a dietician, started acupuncture, meditation, affirmations, massage anything I could think of. Reiki was the 1 thing that showed me instant results and provided me with the feelings and thoughts that I needed. I was nervous at the beginning of my first session but Amy Jo and its seems most energy healers are able to comfort you with only the peace and joy that they radiate. Within 15 minutes my body was tingling, I was completely relaxed and this beautiful soul who I had never met was helping me deal with things she couldn't possibly know about. I left that session floating on cloud 9....that feeling you get after great love making that literally gets you high. I was a believer! !! That day changed my life. I was unable to afford to get Reiki as much as I would have liked but I did it every chance I had. Once I was able to believe in myself and love myself again I began to get my Reiki training at the Lifestream Center. It has once again changed my life. I use it on myself, my loved ones, plant, pets, water, oils, jewelry. I put positive energy into as many things in my life as possible. If you have any doubt of this miraculous change in me, ask someone who knew me when."
Thanks for reading my story
Dedicated to Amy Jo Wheeler @ Luxuria Spa

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